Business Borrowers

For business owners and executives using life insurance as the basis for planning strategies, a Leveraged Planning solution offers unparalleled benefits over self-funding. Whether it’s a buy-sell arrangement, a key person policy, a deferred compensation policy, complex group life insurance policy funding, or some other bespoke planning strategy, a Leveraged planning solution gives business borrowers the ability to keep the firm’s capital free while still procuring the funding needed to potentially meet any or all of their life-insurance based planning goals.


For trust borrowers, life insurance often isn’t just a product to be purchased – it’s a tool that can help them meet their estate planning needs. When it isn’t practical – or wise – to divert capital towards funding the premiums of a life insurance policy, a Leveraged Planning solution can make all the difference. Enabling trust borrowers to free up capital, Leveraged Planning solutions provide the funds necessary to put in place a high cash value life insurance policy with the potential to  fulfill a borrowers estate planning needs.

Life Insurance Premium Financing Solutions




Leveraged Planning provides borrowers with access to a deep “talent bench” comprised of seasoned insurance and lending professionals with substantial expertise in structuring business and trust planning solutions backed by high cash value life insurance policies.


When borrowers choose to implement a Leveraged Planning solution, they are choosing to put in place a customizable – and highly flexible – financial planning structure. With substantial rate and payments options available, a Leveraged Planning solution can be tailored to meet the needs of a broad range of borrowers.


Leveraged Planning solutions are provided by one of America’s most reputable banks – from case design to closing to post sales support, the borrower will find their experience to be superlative!